OpenACS Company List! Send your interest to be there!

Hello Community!

There is a big list of supposedly OpenACS service companies in:

Not sure if each one of them is alive, dead, active, really do something actively with OpenACS. What I really do know, is that we want any possible OpenACS adopter to choose any of the real companies of OpenACS, not to go to dead links.

As an start, if you are in that list, please send an email to oct_at_openacs_dot_org, to confirm that you are still giving OpenACS services. Based on the results, we might update the list!
If you are an active follower of OpenACS, you should see at least this news item.
I really hope all those companies were really doing something good with OpenACS, and actually if possible contributing back in some way to the toolkit.

And of course, if you're not yet there, what are you waiting for?

More info:

Contributed by Rocael Hernández Rizzardini