Bug-Stomp 31/aug-1/sep, 2006!!

This one will focus as well on acs-core, this time update, fix, add automated tests. And cleaning up the bug-tracker, which means review, discuss, fix, apply patches, etc. to each bugs reported for acs-core. Non-simple bugs should have a test case done, so we can reproduce the bug and then fix it. In general, test cases should be written to test important things, not simple typos or so.

The goal is to get higher Quality Assurance of our core system, in benefit for all the applications we built atop of OpenACS.

Join us! See you in IRC & forums those days.
Víctor will be posting the organization thread the day before. Remember to announce in which test / bug number are you working / reviewing.

Contributed by Rocael Hernández Rizzardini