.LRN Governance

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on 13 Sep 2006 01:19 PM

The .LRN Consortium is moving forward on governance after the release of .LRN 2.2.

The draft governance document is here: http://openacs.org/xowiki/en/.LRN_Governance


    * Week of Sept 11 - Public comment on the governance document
    * Week of Sept 18 - Current .LRN Board ratifies the document and appoints the initial Leadership Team
    * Sept 25 to Oct 15 - Membership drive
    * Week of Oct 16 - Nominations open for the new board
    * Week of Oct 23 - Voting for new board
    * October 30 - Announcement of election results

The focus is to have something semi-democratic running quickly, to be more resilient to the limited time board members typically have (e.g. by having a leadership team in place that is actually empowered to make decisions), and to make contribution/governance pathways clear.

Remember, we can revisit this after we have a ratified/public governance process in place and a membership roster that is more than a list on a webpage.

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