OpenACS Webinars

Posted by Tracy Adams on 12 Oct 2006 02:13 AM
For the next 3 Sunday afternoons, I'll be giving OpenACS webinars. These will cover the topics I'm going to be presenting at the full day OpenACS training in Boston on Nov 3rd. They will start at 2:30 PM Eastern and go for 60-90 minutes. Please come if you'd like to learn from the beginning and you'll also be helping me out in preparing. These will start this Sunday (10/15)

Also, next Friday (10/20 at noon Eastern) I'll be covering Site Map Administration. This particular topic is good for both technical and non-technical as it covers a lot of the special parts in OpenACS.

And finally, Friday 10/27 at noon Eastern, I'll be doing a user training on the survey module and also showing some modules ACSPropel has built as simple extensions.

Registration will open soon. I have webinar software for 15 slots (linux clients supported) so that will be the class limit.

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