UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) goes OpenACS

The UNIDO decided to port their CMS over to OpenACS. The UNIDO OpenACS Content Package was specifically designed by CSO Lanifex to allow:
  • Administration and display of content with
  • Multilanguage support
  • Revisioning (full content management system)
  • Multiple document types
  • Workflow
  • Right-dependent content contribution
  • Right-dependent content workflow administration
  • Furthermore existing packages such as General Comments, Forum, Directory, Bug Tracker etc. were implemented.

    We are especially proud of this project because we were able to involve several active OpenACS developers such as Tilmann Singer, Thomas Taylor and Tomas Massera and Gregor Obernosterer. Furthermore we are dedicated to release the code under GPL license. Many thanks to UNIDO, especially the IT-Project Officer and CSO Lanifex GmbH.

    Documentation about the UNIDO Content package can be found here.

    I think this is another success story of OpenACS. Once more the solid, bullet proof architecture has proven to sustain the needs of an international organisation such as UNIDO.

Contributed by Gregor Obernosterer