ANN: nsDAV - WebDAV for AOLserver

Musea Technologies is proud to announce the alpha release of nsDAV, an implementation of the Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning protocol for AOLserver. The following FAQ has been prepared by Talli Somekh and Todd Gillespie.

Visit to download the alpha code and to see the following FAQ:

  • WebDAV Executive Summary
  • Why is WebDAV cool?
  • How does WebDAV work?
  • How can and will WebDAV be used in OACS?
  • What is Museatech doing to build WebDAV?
  • What we are working on, what we will we not be doing, and/or how you can help
  • WebDAV Technical Basics
  • Downloading / Installation

Feel free to post findings or suggestions to this thread or start new ones in the OACS dev forums. Bugs should be posted to the OACS bug tracker for now.

I'd like to thank Todd for starting this work.

Happy hacking!!


Contributed by Talli Somekh