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  1. XoWiki 0.36
    Changes in XoWiki 0.36 (relative to 0.35) and in XOTcl Core 0.43 (relative to 0.42
  2. OpenACS TODO List
    Release StatusSee openacs-release-status Development is taking place in the oacs-5-10 branch.OpenACS
  3. OpenACS Attribute Management - Requirements/Requests
    Don, Dave and I had a discussion on IRC today about openacs attributes. Here are
  4. Project Manager - must be me!
    I have spent many many hours now trying to eliminate an installation issue or versioning
  5. Categorization
    This is a follow-up of the discussion for a new categorization package. The discussion
  6. Improving OACS Bulk Email
    chat. Maybe a dumb newbie question, but from an end users point of view it would make the toolkit much more easy to understand. Just some thoughts on a rainy Saturday evening Cheers Response
  7. Reuse in the large is an unsolved problem !?
    I just read Lars Pinds article on why he left OpenACS, which made me wonder
  8. Outline of 'Getting Started with openACS for Dummies' - guidance/suggestions please!
    I started a thread [1] about the need for idiot-proof configuration instructions to followup
  9. Release manager report
    Hi everyone, I'm back in the states and now focusing on dotlrn. (As far
  10. Time/Topics Planner for dotLRN Courses
    Introduction.LRN Blocks View is an additional View to .LRN Communities or Classes.The Blocks View works

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