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Created by Gustaf Neumann, last modified by Benjamin Brink 30 Jun 2017, at 07:15 AM


Created by Robert Taylor, last modified by Benjamin Brink 29 Jun 2017, at 12:23 PM


Mockup is viewable

Website redesign goals:

1. Convert the current website to an Xowiki implementation.

2. Upgrade the main template to zen.

3. Mount an instance of Calendar, Forums, BugTracker and ProjectManager on the site.


To Do:


1. Replicate OpenACS layout


      a. Apply the CSS code in the while website.

      b. at /acs-subsite/www/group-master the CSS include parameter has strange


2. Look at favorites to include the sites at the search contact phase

      What about the content that are already in xowiki pck? 

3. Missing packages to be installed and sections to be developed.

      a. Bugtracker - I believe it's a package. I remember it available at repository. (done)

      b. How the sections are developed?  Are they pkgs, xowiki pages or subsites?

      Documentation - ???

      Community - Xowiki page

      and Download - File-storage UI  

4. Troubles when include pkgs in xowiki. Edit news-portlet package to be included at xowiki page. (Ask dave to cvs the widgets tempates) 

5. Send Email to about News and Forum to be included on the main page. 

6. What do we need to ask to the experienced people?

the answer is we ask for experienced suggestions 

7. wait Robert setup the zone and make the mockup. 

8. I'm afraid having the main page as plain text would compromise the information/content. Info need to be visible. 

9. News - Add Xinha text editor  

10. Discuss what way is the best to take

Iuri: on xowiki?

as a xowiki page?

linuxhooligan: well that was the original idea but i don't think it should be in xowiki

xowiki is for documentation

text types of documents

Iuri: i don;t get the whole pciture of that

linuxhooligan: if we start putting everything in xowiki then we can just get rid of the tabs

i know i know its confusing

Iuri: yes

one thing

linuxhooligan: lets talk about it and see if we can figure it out

i'm open to suggestions 

11. When rob give the instance.

      He will convert community and documentation to xowiki at openacs website. 


      Make a presentation of OpenACS website possible implementation.

      Post forums, ask for inputs

      Mount Calendar 


      Mount Project Manager and fix it up

      Help Malte on PM 

{legacy} Proposed project goals

Created by Robert Taylor, last modified by Benjamin Brink 29 Jun 2017, at 04:18 AM

This page remains for legacy discussion.

This is regarding Approach 1. in en:Documentation_Project_Discussion. The milestones are performance based, instead of directly connected to work, which makes them an impractical plan to follow.


Here are a few things we are working to accomplish with XoWiki and the OpenACS website:



MILESTONE I:  Tooling Up - Before We Can Accomplish Anything We Must Have a Powerfull Wiki.

- XoWiki is functional for the most part

- a few bugs and feature requests remain, Gustaf and Dave have rocked the OACS boat and created some amazing functionality in a short period of time.  When some of these items are cleared this Milestone will be considered accomplished.

MILESTONE II:  Testing Packages after each OACS release.


- XoWiki is functional, we can start testing immediately.  Look for a TESTING PROCESS document in the PACKAGES category (if it's not up now, soon).

MILESTONE III: Look and Feel vs. Content

- XoWiki is turning out to be very powerfull and easy to use.  We will need to focus on content first, look and feel can be handled later.  UTILITY has a greater priority over LICKABILITY.


MILESTONE IV: Fanatical Documenation.

- API documenation will stay as is.

- see en:Documentation_Project


- I think we can start attracting new devs as soon as our Documentation allows a new developer easy egress into the toolkit.  Watching Dave, Gustaf and others litterally create new functionality out of thin air over the last week of January 2K6 is clear indication the barrier to entry is not the toolkit, it is with the resources and tools they need to be able to understand and become developers. 

- I think getting a LICKABLE look and feel is something that can be done simultaneously, at a stage after XoWiki has been thoroughly debugged and tested.

OpenACS Feature Summary

Created by Ryan Gallimore, last modified by Brian Fenton 08 Oct 2008, at 02:36 PM

Updated from CMS

System Requirements
Application ServerYes
Approximate CostFree
DatabasePostgres, Oracle
LicenseGNU GPL
Operating SystemUnix, Linux, Windows
Programming LanguageTcl
Root AccessYes
Shell AccessYes
Web ServerAOLServer


Audit TrailYes
Content ApprovalYes
Granular PrivilegesYes
Kerberos AuthenticationYes
LDAP AuthenticationYes
Login HistoryYes
NIS AuthenticationYes
NTLM AuthenticationYes
Pluggable AuthenticationYes
Problem NotificationYes
Session ManagementNo
SMB AuthenticationYes
SSL CompatibleYes
SSL LoginsYes
SSL PagesYes


Certification ProgramNo
Commercial ManualsNo
Commercial SupportYes
Commercial TrainingNo
Developer CommunityYes
Online HelpNo
Pluggable APIYes
Professional HostingYes
Professional ServicesYes
Public ForumYes
Public Mailing ListYes
Third-Party DevelopersYes
Users ConferenceYes

Ease of Use
Drag-N-Drop ContentNo
Email To DiscussionYes
Friendly URLsYes
Macro LanguageYes
Server Page LanguageYes
Spell CheckerYes
Template LanguageYes
UI LevelsNo


Advertising ManagementYes
Asset ManagementYes
Content SchedulingYes
Content StagingNo
Inline AdministrationNo
Online AdministrationYes
Package DeploymentYes
Sub-sites / RootsYes
Themes / SkinsNo
Web StatisticsYes
Web-based Style/Template ManagementYes
Web-based Translation ManagementYes
Workflow EngineYes


Content Syndication (RSS)Yes
FTP SupportYes
UTF-8 SupportYes
WAI CompliantYes
WebDAV SupportYes
XHTML CompliantNo


CGI-mode SupportNo
Content ReuseYes
Extensible User ProfilesNo
Interface LocalizationYes
Multi-lingual ContentYes
Multi-lingual Content IntegrationYes
Multi-Site DeploymentNo
URL RewritingYes

Advanced CachingYes
Database ReplicationNo
Load BalancingYes
Page CachingYes
Static Content ExportYes

Built-in Applications

Contact ManagementYes
Data EntryYes
Database ReportsNo
Discussion / ForumYes
Document ManagementYes
Events CalendarYes
Expense ReportsNo
FAQ ManagementYes
File DistributionYes
Graphs and ChartsYes
Guest BookYes
Help Desk / Bug ReportingYes
HTTP ProxyYes
In/Out BoardNo
Job PostingsYes
Link ManagementYes
Mail FormYes
My Page / DashboardYes
Photo GalleryYes
Product ManagementYes
Project TrackingYes
Search EngineYes
Syndicated Content (RSS)Yes
Tests / QuizzesYes
Time TrackingYes
User ContributionsYes
Web Services Front EndYes


Affiliate TrackingYes
Shopping CartYes

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