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.LRN Zen Project

Created by Carl Robert Blesius, last modified by Gustaf Neumann 17 Jun 2017, at 11:53 AM

  1. Accessible and semantic layout/design (first priority)
  2. Layout for screen reader readability
  3. Consistent  CSS for all packages with inheritance where possible
  4. Package specific CSS only where absolutely necessary
  5. Remove as many images as possible
  6. Totally simplified CSS scheme
  7. Consistent deprecation
  8. Support for 4 font sizes without UI breakup
  9. File path re-factoring so designers can easily skin a local installation and upload zip file with local styles for sharing accross installations
  10. A theme page that includes as many existing adp chunks and form templates as possible.
  11. Theme manager that allows a designer to upload a css file and immediately test it against the theme page.
  12. One style for screen, one for print, and one for mobile


     0. Why not OpenACS Zen? I think this needs to apply across the toolkit for any package, not just .LRN ones, or there will forever be problems as new applications come out for OpenACS, and are later adopted for .LRN [daveb] DaveB, we are going to start with .LRN b/c it contains a limited number of packages and also because there is an accessibility push in the project. A big portion of this will also be defining best practices. CarlB

    1. I agree with Carl.  I have been working through some of this on our own generic OPENACS installs here but would love to co-ordinate with others.  Robert.

    2. I also will help out. I have several tools available and will look at what is redundant and post soon. Jon Griffin

   3. Please consider expanding the scope of the guidelines to include OpenACS and similar efforts underway at [Interface / CSS Coding Guidelines]. Accessibility etc. is important for the entire toolkit and long overdue. -Torben


Created by OpenACS community, last modified by Gustaf Neumann 17 Jun 2017, at 10:26 AM

Tcl is a Turing Complete, open-source, embeddable interpreted language. OpenACS additionally, uses these modules:

What others say about Tcl

  • Tcl (
  • testimonials on
  • Tcl the Misunderstood 
  • Tcl/Tk is perhaps the most mature of the dynamic languages, dating back to 1988. The evolution of the language over the last 20 years has been marked by passionate preservation of the balance between maintaining simplicity and utility with the adoption of new ideas and new techniques based on accumulated experience.

    Tcl/Tk is used in a number of prominent software systems including DejaGnu (e.g. used for testing the gcc compiler), Expect and AOLserver. The language is used by many scientific organizations including NASA as well as being used extensively in the commercial and financial sectors. ( )

Using Tcl

.LRN Zen Project: Package Completion Checklist

Created by Red Wylie, last modified by Gustaf Neumann 17 Jun 2017, at 10:19 AM

 Package  File 508 AA Con HTML Notes UNED
news www/index.adp            
www item-create.adp         FORM BUILDER  
www preview.adp            
www news-admin-portlet x x x      
www news-portlet.adp x x x      
www summary.adp x x x      
www folder-create            
www file-add            
www simple-add            
www fs-portlet            
www applets-chunk.adp x 13.1 x   AA caused by breadcrumbs and tabs having same name  
www communities.adp x x x      
www communities-chunk.adp         uses listbuilder already  
www community-member.adp x x x      
www community-member2.adp            
www community-edit.adp x          
www community-edit-2.adp            
www community-type.adp x x x      
www community-types-chunk.adp         converted to list builder  
www control-panel.adp x x x      
www courses.adp x x x   no content  
www deregister-confirm.adp            
www dotlrn-group-admin-faq.adp         Needs to be I18N  
www dotlrn-main-portlet.adp x x x      
www dotlrn-user-faq.adp         Needs to be I18N  
www element-list.adp         converted to use list builder  
www element-rename.adp            
www help.adp         Need to be i18n  
www manage-memberships.adp         converted to use list builder  
www member-add.adp x x x      
www member-add-2.adp         FORM-BUILDER - INLINE  
www member-confirm.adp            
www member-email.adp         Needs to be I18N  
www member-email-confirm.adp         Needs to be I18N  
www members.adp         LIST BUILDER  
www members-chunk.adp            
www members-chunk-table.adp         LIST-BUILDER  
www my-communities.adp         LIST-BUILDER  
www spam-2.adp         FORM BUILDER  
www spam-recipients.adp         LIST BUILDER/ FORM BUILDER  
www spam-variables.adp         LIST BUILDER  
www user-add.adp            
www user-add-2.adp         FORM BUILDER  
www weblog-control-panel.adp            
lib bio.adp x x x      
  dotlrn-admins         FORM-BUILDER - INLINE  
notifications all user visible files x x x   DONE  
www dotlrn-admin-portlet.adp x x x      
www dotlrn-members-portlet.adp x x x      
www dotlrn-members-staff-portlet x x x      
www dotlrn-portlet.adp x x x      


calendar + portlet              
www view (day/week/month/list) x   x x

no HC

problem with form

calendar-portlet/ww all portlets x   x x no HC  
faq   508 AA Con HTML    
www one-faq x x x x

table used for layout needs to be change

- ah found the table.  looking into it.

www one-question x x x x    
www cat*     x   needs lots of work  
www index x x x x    
www/admin index x x x x    
www/admin faq-add-edit     x      
www/admin configure x x x x    
www/admin one-faq     x      
www/admin q-and-a-add-edit     x      
www/admin one-question     x      
www/admin faq-disable x x x x    
www/admin faq-delete     x      
www/admin swap     x      
www index.adp            
www instructions.adp            


Created by OpenACS community, last modified by Gustaf Neumann 17 Jun 2017, at 10:11 AM

the free, open-source, multi-threaded, scalable, Tcl-enabled, web/application server used by some of the world's busiest websites, such as,,, and Other sites that run on AOLserver:

What others say about AOLserver

Using AOLserver with OpenACS

Notes on upgrading AOLserver 4.5.1 ( or greater )


  • All the ns_cache* API is from AOLserver 4.5.1 on, part of the core, therefore loading in your config file is not longer required. Doing otherwise could lead to syntax errors while doing some calls to the API.


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