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# dom.tcl -- # # This file implements the Tcl language binding for the DOM - # the Document Object Model. Support for the core specification # is given here. Layered support for specific languages, # such as HTML and XML, will be in separate modules. # # Copyright (c) 1998 Zveno Pty Ltd # http://www.zveno.com/ # # Zveno makes this software available free of charge for any purpose. # Copies may be made of this software but all of this notice must be included # on any copy. # # The software was developed for research purposes only and Zveno does not # warrant that it is error free or fit for any purpose. Zveno disclaims any # liability for all claims, expenses, losses, damages and costs any user may # incur as a result of using, copying or modifying this software. #
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$Id: xml-1-dom-procs.tcl,v 2013/10/12 13:55:19 gustafn Exp $

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