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OpenACS 5.9.0 final released

We are proud to announce the release of OpenACS 5.9.0.
This release contains many security and performance improvements as well as new functionality. The new release differs from OpenACS 5.8.1 in the following points:
  • PostgreSQL enhancements and cleanups to improve performance and maintainability of the basic data model
  • Greatly improved HTML validity and protection against XSS attacks.
  • Improved theming support to create responsive interfaces.
  • Various new functionalities to ease debugging and to improve performance.

Altogether, OpenACS 5.9.0 differs from OpenACS 5.8.1 in more than 100,000 modifications contributed by 4 committers. All packages of the release were tested with PostgreSQL 9.4.* and Tcl 8.5.*.

Many thanks to all who helped in this effort via direct contributions, bug-reports or testing!

Release Announcement, ChangeLog, Download

Published on Dec 01, 2015

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OpenACS is a toolkit for building scalable, community-oriented web applications. OpenACS is the foundation for many products and websites, including the .LRN (pronounced "dot learn") e-learning platform.

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