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Forum OpenACS Development: Re: how to change template or skin

Posted by Tilmann Singer on
Normally when there is a tcl and an adp file for a url, first the tcl file is processed and by default the corresponding adp file is then used for rendering the result. It is possible though to override this per request by including a call to 'ad_return_template alternative-file' at the bottom of the tcl page.

You can do the same in the default-master.tcl file:

set language "en"
ad_return_template "default-master-$language"

at the bottom of default-master.tcl will result in the templating code to look for a file called default-master-en.adp instead of the usual default-master.adp. Hope that helps - if not try to tell us more what you need to do.

Posted by VenuMadhav Deevi on
hi thanks for the idea
i will try to implememnt it
one more question please

how to set the parameter which will be there in the site

we can acess that one by this command which i know

set tmp [ad_parameter body]

i am getting the content of the body, how to set the content of the body now is my question,

with GUI i know how to set it but programatically i want to set it.

please help me


Posted by Tilmann Singer on
How to find tcl procedures that do what you want: go to /api-doc/ of your local installation, type in a meaningful search term, e.g. 'parameter', and go through the results. In this particular case you have been looking for the proc parameter::set_value. ( http://openacs.org/api-doc/proc-view?proc=parameter%3a%3aset%5fvalue )

Note that procedures with :: in it are generally preferred because they use the more modern namespace feature and are propably newer.

An addition to the default-master hint above: I noticed that it won't work for pages under www/, unless you specify a full path like this:

ad_return_template "/www/default-master-$language"

Posted by VenuMadhav Deevi on
Tilmann SingerĀ  i would be working on it