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OpenACS Home : Forums : .LRN Q&A : translate server is down

Forum .LRN Q&A: translate server is down

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Posted by Miguel Cordova on
The translate server is down,

The error shows...

The following database pools generated errors:

  • OpenACS could not allocate a handle from database pool "pool2".

Possible causes might include:

  • The database is not running.
  • The database driver has not been correctly installed.
  • The datasource or database user/password are incorrect.
  • You didn't define any database pools.

Maybe it was an unfinished upgrade. Anyone could help fixing that?

Posted by Don Baccus on
We're aware of it, but are not going to deal with it until after .LRN 2.3.1 is released this month.

The person maintaining that server is unavailable at the moment, and this has been increasingly a problem the last few months.

So our solution will be to move the translation server elsewhere, perhaps to the openacs.org server, which several senior members of the community have admin access to.

Do you need to do some translations immediately? If so, you could install locally, translate, export the catalogs and add the modified ones to CVS if you have local server capability.

The translation server exists primarily so non-developers can contribute (I'm not familiar with your name, so don't know exactly what skills you have).

Posted by Victor Guerra on
The translation server is up now.
The database server went down a few weeks ago for
maintenance, so the translation server needed to be restarted.

Thank you for reporting it.

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Should we install keepalive on this server, sending e.g. you an e-mail that the server has been restarted? Then we would not have an issue with reporting :-)
Posted by Don Baccus on
We're going to move it someplace more accessible.

The current arrangement, despite Victor's best intentions, simply isn't working.

Posted by Miguel Cordova on
Don: We're aware of it, but are not going to deal with it until after .LRN 2.3.1 is released this month.
I'm reviewing the spanish translation, and I'd like to add some new (generic) catalog keys.
It could be nice to add these keys to new release.
Posted by Miguel Cordova on
Don, maybe I misunderstood what you said... Now, I have just read in July 31st meeting minutes: "We will try to move translation server to openacs.org after the release", and I think you meant "deal with it" about moving the hosting... not about getting the server up and running. That's ok for me.
Posted by Miguel Cordova on
I'm reviewing the spanish translation of .LRN 2.3.0 and there are some things that need to be changed. I hope the changes I could do will be adopted in the new .LRN release, 2.3.1, if not, in next release.

Don, we met this year at Spring OpenACS Conference in Vienna ;-) I'm working at Innova (a kind of R&D Department of UNED) since December. I have been learning the know-how of .LRN and OpenACS, so I can start collaborating with the community, with code, ideas and spanish translation.