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OpenACS Home : Forums : OpenACS Development : Vote for OpenACS/.LRN on BitNami

Forum OpenACS Development: Vote for OpenACS/.LRN on BitNami

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Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Bitnami is a project that trys to create 1-click install packages for open source software projects.

I asked for OpenACS and .LRN to be included and they have done so but now we have to show some interest.


OpenACS and .LRN are now present in the catalog, here http://bitnami.org/product/_dot_lrn and here http://bitnami.org/product/openacs . You can now vote for them from there. If you see something that should be fixed in the description, tags, etc, just drop us an email at info@bitnami.org.

Good luck with the poll.

Posted by Tom Jackson on
Can you direct me to the one-click install? Then I will vote.
Posted by Caroline Meeks on
They use the voting to decide which systems they will invest the time in creating one-click installs for.