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OpenACS Home : Forums : OpenACS Development : Who wants to do the atom feed?

Forum OpenACS Development: Who wants to do the atom feed?

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Posted by Lars Pind on

Similar to RSS, but (supposedly) better.

I wonder if this would be an extension of rss-support, like with the different versions of RSS, or if it's a separate atom-support package.


Posted by Guan Yang on
Posted by Andrei Popov on

One can also check out Norm's blog -- he's been sort of opposed to it at first, but does see (at least some) benefits now. I think that the the most heated part of Atom vs. RSS is a statement that was made by someone that it can be forgiven in the short run if Atom feeds aren't valid XML for the time being...

Posted by Ben Koot on
It looks like there's an simple solution just convert.... http://www.2rss.com/software.php?page=atom2rss