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Posted by Luigi Martini on
Does OACS include something like BooHoo [http://greenspun.com/boohoo/index.tcl] in order to keep a record of dead links, or be promptly informed at least?
I guess it would be something useful and, quoting straight from the linked page, "the software is pretty simple".
2: Re: Dead links (response to 1)
Posted by Don Baccus on
No, it doesn't, but it might be a nice little package to write if someone is interested in it ...
3: Re: Dead links (response to 2)
Posted by Jeff Davis on
there is code in the bookmarks module to check if the links are dead but it does all the links in the db not for a particular user.
4: Re: Dead links (response to 1)
Posted by Luigi Martini on
Maybe the original software is still available somewhere at Philip's server, or not too far from there...