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OpenACS Home : Forums : OpenACS Q&A : Problem compiling postgres7.0 --with-tcl

Forum OpenACS Q&A: Problem compiling postgres7.0 --with-tcl

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I'm upgrading from openacs-3.2.2 to openacs-3.2.4. Following
instrucion from file UPGRADING.TXT:
./configure --with-tcl
the rilevant message is:
"configure: warning: TCL/TK support disabled; Tcl configuration
script missing".
The script ./configure don't find the file tclConfig.sh under library
directory (I have tcl8.0 from Suse distribution). But I have the file
tclConfig.sh under aolserver sources. If I use:
./configure --with-tcl --with-tclconfig=<directory where is
tclConfig.sh> I have error doing make, so I'm not able to obtain the
file "src/pl/tcl/pltcl.so". There's a way to use tcl library from aol
sources or I have to reinstall or recompile tcl?
Posted by Roberto Mello on
The Tcl in the AOLserver directory is not the one you want you PostgreSQL to find. That one is tweaked for AOLserver.

You have to tell it where the tclConfig.sh file is for regular Tcl, not AOLserver Tcl. In other words, you need to be able to type "tclsh" or "tclsh8.3" from anywhere. You also need the SuSE Tcl development packages installed (they usually have -devel in the package name).

In my system for example, these is what locate return for tclConfig.sh:

postgres@brasileiro:/usr/local/src/postgresql-7.0.2/src$ locate tclConfig 

The one I want PostgreSQL to see is the first one in /usr/lib/tcl8.3

Posted by Roberto Mello on
Oh, and don't forget to do a "make clean" between compiles
Posted by Antonio Laterza on
Many thanks Roberto, I hope to be useful helping others (one day).
Now it's right.