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Forum OpenACS Q&A: New ACS/OpenACS Hosting service

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Posted by Matthew Soldo on
eSymmetric would like to announce its lauch to the OpenACS community. eSymmetric is a server hosting and consulting company. We have already built and currently host several ACS sites, including www.growright.com and www.hortnet.com.

We are offering OpenACS hosting on a shared system for very reasonable prices. We also offer dedicated Linux systems that can easily be configured with OpenACS. All of our servers are colocated with Above.net.

Posted by Lachlan Myers on
Where should I look for details = eg pricing? www.esymmetric.com = LOTS of microsoft stuff
Posted by Dave Bauer on
try www.esymmetric.net
Posted by Todd Gillespie on
Clearing up the net/com discrepancy answered a number of things for me; namely why a Oracle/Postgres hosting company would be showing the default IIS screen on their homepage. But I see that is not the case. Oh, and it seems you are in SF, a city in which I live in and am looking for (additional) work in..hmm...

On the name conflict- looks like esymmetric.com was registed a year previous to esymmetric.net; on the other hand they don't seem to be doing anything with it. I assume you're moving forward to snatch the .com, b/c an ICANN case [cw]ould ['get'|'be'] ugly..

Posted by Matthew Soldo on
We are at www.esymmetric.net. Sorry about that! You would think I'd want to post our URL in the announcement!