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Forum OpenACS Development: Re: .LRN user interface design

Posted by Lars Pind on
Right :)

The multiple icons/colors/message types was actually something we had on our wish-list, along with other things like cooking up a few pre-defined color schemes, or going more deeply into the applications.

So we've had to do everything we could to limit scope. Specifically, we've stuck to just 3 pages: My Space, a list-builder page, and a form-builder page (both taken from file-storage, but that's not terribly important). And we've limited ourselves to one version of everything. And no deep IA changes, or application pages.

So brainstorming about what we could also do is helpful for future reference, if anyone should find the funding/time to continue the work at any point in the future.

Right now, the most valuable input would be ways to simplify what we have ...


Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Björn and myself are planning to enhance the message system to allow sending messages to users from outside the users session (e.g. "you got mail"). We could add a type to the procedure as well, which would display the message with an "id" of "message_$type" (e.g. "message_warning"). But I'm not so sure about the powers of CSS. Would it be possible to choose a different icon and colors based on the "div class id", defined in a .css file ?
Posted by Lars Pind on
I think that, for IA purposes, we should consider putting "You got mail" type messages somewhere other than this message bar.

The message bar is for direct feedback on the action the user just took. There's a causal relationship. You do something, then you see the message which confirms that you did something.

I'm afraid we'll be confusing matters if we use that same location/shape/color for other purposes.

What do other people think?