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Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Notifications of File-storage

Posted by Tilmann Singer on
Nima - only a patch that didn't make its way to the source in time apparently (here http://openacs.org/bugtracker/openacs/com/file-storage/patch?patch_number=146 - linked from the bug posted above).
Posted by Orzenil Silva Junior on
This patch didn't aplly cleanly oacs-5-1. I tried to do it in a fresh install and didn't work fine.
I change manually some failed hunks and I think this patch works ok now. I tried it in
You can see Request notification link and it works - I received an email by notification service :)
Notification for: File-Storage: File deleted Name of the File deleted: imagem1 View folder contents: http://oacs-cf.intertexto.info:8002/noticias-arquivos/?folder_id=1233

I'm trying make a new patch file and upload it to bug tracker.
Posted by Orzenil Silva Junior on
I submitted a slight modified patch file to add notifications to oacs-5-1-0 file-storage package.
There are no great changes from patch #146 submitted by Abhina Peddada.

You see it at http://openacs.org/bugtracker/openacs/patch?patch_number=534

Posted by Tilmann Singer on
Patch applied to HEAD, thanks. If anyone has time please test on oracle. And if anyone has even more time, i18n-ize it ...