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Posted by Ken Kennedy on
Well, you're the boss, Don, *grin*, but to be honest, I don't really consider 58% in a kinda confusing poll to be QUITE clearly. The poll stuck two questions into one poll:
  1. Should we change the "ArsDigita" to "Architecuture" in Open ArsDigita Community System?
  2. Should we change the acronym from "OpenACS" to "OACS"?
There was no way, for example, to vote for "Keep the name Open ArsDigita Community System, but change the acronym to OACS, 'cause I like the way it sounds ("oaks"). (Not that I would have, but just to make the point.)

Now dang. I went and complained. *grin*. So...short and sweet. I stongly prefer OpenACS to OACS. I actually like it more, plus we really do actually have publicity out there with that name. Plus, as was mentioned previously, this site IS openacs.org, and oacs.org is taken! (As is oacs.com, but oacs.net doesn't seem to be...).