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Posted by Tilmann Singer on
<i>nsvhr/nssock  works.  However, I don't like it, because it doesn't proxy, it redirects.  For example, if I run a master server on port 80 and slave on 81, a request for http:// foo.com/ immediately gets redirected to  http://foo.com:81/ </i>
I have no idea how it is possible to set it up to do that, but it is certainly not the intended way. It should be no problem to use nsvhr/nssock to serve different servers via the standard port 80. The actual port that the slave servers run on can be completely hidden from the client AFAIK.
Maybe there are some issues with the request processor of oacs 4.5 - which version do you want to run? At least with 3.x it worked fine.
<i>nsvhr/nsunix is buggy.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't...core dumps, etc.</i>

Maybe something was wrong with your installation - did you follow the instructions from the virtual hosting howto posted above? nsvhr/nsunix works great for me, running a few low traffic sites (one oacs 3.x, the others 4.5), without any crashes at all since i installed it many months ago.