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Forum OpenACS Q&A: URLs get long

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Posted by Lars Pind on
I've created a search for OpenACS bboards for Dave's quick search deskbar, so you can say oacs form builder or oacs whatever, and immediately jump to search the bboards.

Creating more of these are insanely simple. Just a little XML and a little JavaScript, and off you go.

The download's here: http://www.pinds.com/do wnload/oacs.xml.

Posted by Lars Pind on
I have no idea how the subject on above ended up being "URLs get long". Should've been:

"OpenACS bboards search for Dave's quick search deskbar"

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Posted by Jonathan Ellis on
shh, don't tell people or all we'll get is "this query is too expensive, please try again later" :)
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Posted by C. R. Oldham on

Just wanted to thank you for mentioning this tool.  It is probably the coolest thing I've seen for a while.