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OpenACS Home : Forums : OpenACS Development : Absolute URL replaced by Relative URL within Widget.

Forum OpenACS Development: Absolute URL replaced by Relative URL within Widget.

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Hi there,

When users Insert links on the WYSIWYG tab,
the first part of the url is replaced with a "../" only if adding a link that is on the same domain as the published website.  Any other links work fine.

So, it's replacing the Absolute URL with a Relative URL.

Should I change the  dlgInsertLink  procedure within
to make the URL absolute (always)?

This is the code for InsertLink, any suggestions for what I should change the code to please?

<td><img class="rteImage" src="' + imagesPath + 'hyperlink.gif" width="25" height="24"
alt="Insert Link" title="Insert Link"
onClick="dlgInsertLink(\'' + rte + '\', \'link\')">

Posted by Julieanne van Zyl on
I'm new to OpenACS. Myself and 2 other people are fixing bugs after the migration. We are also looking to hire an OpenACS experienced programmer also.

Could someone please tell me the command to compile a javascript file - richtext.js

Thanks in advance!