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Posted by edwin ho on

I've just installed oacs 4.5 with postgres 7.2 and the current version
of aolserver (downloaded from this site) and playing around wiht the
modules now.

After I uploaded my netscape bookmarks.htm, the bookmarks module is
extremely slow, in fact, it doesn't seem to load anymore.  I can
launch another browser and access other modules such as bboard but I
still can't  access bookmarks.  Is there a way I can see what is
postgres is doing while I am trying to access the bookmarks?  would
the postgres.log show the info I need?


Posted by Hamilton Chua on

Your predicament sounds suspiciously familiar. It may have nothing to do with the bookmark module.

Have you tried "vacuuming" your postgres database ?

On the command line :

vacuumdb -z -v the_db

-z performs an analysis to optimize your db
-v means verbose so that you see what it is doing
the_db is your database name


Posted by Jun Yamog on
You may want to look if bookmarks are completely ported to postgres.  From what I remember there are some problems for postgres.  Not sure though.  You can look around for Cathy Sarisky and Peter Marklund for that.
Posted by edwin ho on

Yes, I have. I was using mozilla as my main browser and it was so slow! but the other modules are quick.  I ran 'top' and found 1-2 postmaster processes taking up 20-50% cpu. constantly!  So I rebooted the server and it seems fine but ocassionally I still have 1-2 postmaster processes taking a lot of cpu but this time they finish and go away.

I am using pg7.2, would that cause any problems? and should I apply any patches or do any modifications for oacs4.5 to be fully compatible with pg7.2 since I notice quite a lot of modules that I tried gave me errors, the photo albums being one of them.

Also, what are some tunnig guides?  my server is a celeron500 with 256mb of ram and the site is kinda slow.


Posted by edwin ho on

I did a quick search and found that there are 'patches' for the bookmarks module. I'll try to check it out later today.  How about for the other modules that is in the main oacs4.5? Are they all ported to 4.5 or are some stuck in limbo? and is there an easy way of obtaining new or ported modules aside from re-installing the whole oacs with 4.6?


Posted by Jonathan Ellis on
PG's 7.2's statistics collector may not be quite in the big leagues but it's WORLDS better than what PG had available before. Do turn it on and use it. Exceptionally long-running queries can actually be observed in realtime; otherwise, at least you can get cache & activity stats on a per-db or per-table level. If you see a lot of cache misses obviously you need to let PG grab more memory for that.

If your site is getting a lot of traffic, you'll want to play with how many threads you let nsd start simultaneously. With my site I found too many nsd threads would make PG start to thrash badly. I think this is due to the update-intensive nature of my site and my slow IDE drives. :/ It was almost magical how reducing thread count made things faster. I don't know any way to arrive at the "sweet spot" other than trial and error though. (And if you only have a couple simultaneous users it really doesn't matter. :)

Posted by Kjell Wooding on
That, and the bookmarks module under 4.5 was largely broken.
The latest code seems much better.
Posted by edwin ho on

Thanks, I'll look into that but right now site is only accesss by me and sometimes it's really slow. I only have 256mb of ram but I think it should be fairly snappy with only 1 user.

and right now, I am having problems configuring openFTS, I looked at tips and fixes that I should fix in the configure file but I can't find the lines to modify.

Posted by Jonathan Ellis on
if it's really slow w/only one user, then I would guess that either you're not giving PG enough memory or your queries are poorly tuned.  The PG statistics views I linked can help you check both of these areas.