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Posted by Benjamin Brink on

I've been using a self-signed certificate with nsssl with no issues.

However, am getting an error when trying a CA signed certificate:

Error: nsssl: private key load error [error:0906D06C:PEM routines:PEM_read_bio:no start line]

I'm trying's certificate with its acme standard certificate renewal process. (Pretty neat concept.)

letsencrypt provides a cert.pem, chain.pem fullchain.pem and privkey.pem.

fullchain.pem contains cert.pem and chain.pem

So in nsd's config.tcl section for nssl:
ns_param certificate ${serverroot}/etc/certs/

Searching around, the issue might be related to openssl not tolerating a cert file saved in double-byte Unicode.

Does nsssl have this limitation?

Any suggestions on how to fix?

2: Re: nsssl error (response to 1)
Posted by Benjamin Brink on
The following iconv didn't change the symptoms or appear to change the file, diff was identical and same file size.

iconv -f UTF-8 -t iso8859-1 fullchain.pem-orig > fullchain.pem
3: Re: nsssl error (response to 1)
Posted by Benjamin Brink on
To rule out any permissions issue, the fullchain.pem was tried in the same name, location and with same permissions as the self-signed certificate. The error has not changed.

The self signed certificate contiues to work.

4: Re: nsssl error (response to 1)
Posted by Benjamin Brink on
Eh, privkey.pem has to be appended to fullchain.pem.

Thank you for your time reading this.
new years cheers!