Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Why do you part with functionality in bboard?

Posted by Luigi Martini on
I understand that many of you are very skilled and busy. Thus I refrain a little from disturbing. Nevertheless I need to understand some basic things, in order to eventually make some further little steps. In case somebody read these lines, and is willing to help me with the unanswered questions I posted earlier on this thread, I would be happy.
Posted by Jeff Davis on
Luigi, packages in black mean that the package exists but there is no documentation available in the PACKAGE/www/doc directory (well, more accurately, no index page there, but if there are docs but no index page we should create one).

With respect to forums, no documentation, apart from comments in the code, has been written. I know Ben Adida has been filling in some gaps in the API documentation but I don't know if he is planning on writing any higher level documentation or not (or if someone else will take that on).

You aren't doing anything wrong, it's just that there are some conspicous gaps in the existing documentation.

Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
In addition to what Jeff said, if you have already seached these forums without finding answers to your questions, please do post them.  Everyone is busy, but I'm sure someone will try to help you.  You can use the API documentation web interface (at or your installation) if you are comfortable reading source code comments and the package you are interested in is installed and enabled.