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Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: User registration like www.openacs.org

Posted by Tilmann Singer on
This is unclear to me - what exactly did you try to do?

You can add users to your DB manually as admin on /acs-admin/users, or new users can register themselves by visiting /register/, which they are being redirected to automatically if necessary, e.g. before posting to a forum.

In case you want to do this in your own code, start by an api search for procs that contain 'user': http://openacs.org/api-doc/proc-search?query_string=user&search_type=Search&name_weight=5&param_weight=3&doc_weight=2
. Seems that ad_user_new could do it. This is for openacs 4.6, you might want to search /api-doc/ on your own installation.