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Forum OpenACS Development: Re: posting patches in the sdm

Posted by Lars Pind on
I think we still have some links to the SDM lying around, which should now get pointed to the bug-tracker. Also, we may want to put up a notice on all pages in the SDM saying "Don't post new bugs here, go to bug-tracker."

I've fixed the links on the index.adp "Congratulations" screen in the OpenACS software itself.

Perhaps it's also time that we change the openacs.org/sdm link to point to the bugtracker instead of the old SDM?


Posted by Mark Aufflick on
I followed a neural link from my memory to /sdm

You could always just set the permissions to disallow non-admins write access, and put some sort of message at the top of the page as per Tillman's suggestion.

Thanks for the info, I will head to bugtracker shortly. I will re-post this patch after implementing Tillman's suggestion.