dotProject is already taken:

So we need a new name for our project management software.

This is important, but let's not spend too much of our time debating the name for something that hasn't even been written yet.

Ideas floated so far:

  • PMS (Project Management Super) with super pronounced like sue-pear.
  • OpenProject (because everything that's open sourced should be called Open)
  • dotPM
  • project-manager
  • PPM (Perfect Project Management)
  • PPPM (Pretty Perfect Project Management) or 3PM (it's three o'clock, do you know where your projects are?)
  • OnTime
  • OnSchedule
  • ProjectTracker
  • InSync (The project management software that sounds better than a boy band)
  • LockStep (keeps your organization's people running in lock step)
  • Rowboat (somehow I get a mental image of a bunch of people rowing together)
  • InMotion
  • DProject (for distributed project management)
  • Oaks Project (from OACS Project Management)
  • bwPM (Blair Witch Project Management)

I think it should describe the functionality, and be simple and straightforward. I think I'll call it project-manager, unless anybody has a better idea.