Project-manager requires Postgres. It has not yet been ported to Oracle. Porting it would require about a day of developer time, including testing.

Future plans and wishlist

These are items that need doing. Help with them is of course appreciated:
  • Fix notifications -- done
  • Add in reminders. This will be a customized email for each user that has tasks assigned to them, and will tell them which tasks they should start working on soon, which tasks are delaying other projects, etc.. -- done
  • The users UI queries is not scalable at all. It should use the "party_search" widget
These are all items that it would be nice if they were done:
  • add in an admin interface for changing project status codes
  • add in support for other types of task dependencies than finish-to-start
  • integrate with calendar -- done
  • Add in PERT / network diagrams -- someone is working on this
  • Add in GANTT charts -- someone is working on this
  • Get rid of datenvl hack
There is a current list of bugs and to-do items, and you can sign up for notifications if you want to be kept abreast of developments by email.

Interested in helping?

There are plenty of things to do! You can use the bug-tracker to make patches, and if you have CVS access, you can make changes there as well. You should coordinate with Alex Kroman to make sure that your changes don't hurt other users.