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Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: closed forum vs disabled forum

Posted by Dave Bauer on
Note Torben your link to "Documentation" is a proposal to change the way forums works. It says something about membership to a forum, which is not a currently existing feature.

I don't think this is that complicated. Closed means noone can post to the forum. This could happen if a discussion has ended, but you want to retain the historical record of the forum for people to read. There is a seperate disabled feature to hide the forum. You can't join a forum or change who can see which forum within a forums package instance (without manually fooling with the permission) if they have read access to the foums instance.

So I think the solution is to change "Closed" to a more clear description.

The query to list the forums seems to say that any forum the user can read should be displayed in the list of forums

and (
forums_forums_enabled.posting_policy = 'open'
or forums_forums_enabled.posting_policy = 'moderated'
or 't' = acs_permission__permission_p(forums_forums_enabled.forum_id, :user_id,'forum_read')


Posted by Emmanuelle Raffenne on
forums_forums_enabled.posting_policy = 'open'
or forums_forums_enabled.posting_policy = 'moderated'
is not necessary since the posting policy doesn't affect the 'read' privilege. I wonder why the 'closed' policy doesn't appear in this clause, probably it has been interpreted as "not a member, can't read it" by the author.
Posted by Miguel Cordova on
I added the closed policy statement to that query, and it works fine. But... ey! the three conditions could be erased, due to a forum_posting_policy only could be one of these three values!