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OpenACS Home : Forums : OpenACS Q&A : Shouldn't http://openacs.org/community/ have the IRC chat info

Forum OpenACS Q&A: Shouldn't http://openacs.org/community/ have the IRC chat info

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Shouldn't the http://openacs.org/community/ page have info on how to join the IRC chat room?

I'll be happy to put it in if everybody agrees.

Should we still cite irc.openprojects.net, or wasn't there something about them changing name a couple months ago? I know irc.openprojects.net still works, but not sure if that's the one we should publish.

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It's now callled "FreeNode" (altough some folks call it FeeNode due to one of the chief guys begging money and alienating machine sponsors).  irc.freenode.net should get folks to the #openac channel.  Be sure to say hi to Paje and Psychephylax, our channel bots.
I vote yes, too.  I hate having to do a search to find the server name.

Thanks for the update Mark.

I've added it now. Not in the most brilliant way, perhaps, but it's there.