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OpenACS Companies

ACSPropel - Web applications that work. 100% dedicated to the OpenACS platform. CEO Tracy Adams architected the original version of ACS for MIT Press in 1998.

cognovís GmbH & Co. KG - cognovís provides consulting for small and medium enterprises on using OpenACS and it's CRM / PM capabilities to run their business more efficiently. This starts from using the CRM system to interact with their customers (communication tracking, targeted marketing) to running a project (along with freelancer support) through to invoicing and billing. cognovís is also engaged in .LRN and consulting on course content creation.

CrimsonCode Systems - Developing custom business applications for small to medium businesses using the OpenACS platform. We have implemented projects including systems for the healthcare industry, ecommerce, project management, and community sites for charitable organizations. Experience on the new project-open functionality for issue & project tracking.

DigitalOne ( version) - Located in Hong Kong with more than 9-year IT and web experience, we are a web application developing company dedicated to the OpenACS platform. We provide consultancy, system design, programming, deploying and hosting services to our customers. We built multi-language (English, Chinese, Japanese and more) websites for NGOs, universities and corporation. Some of our works includes Oxfam Hong Kong, Hong Kong Poly University, In-Media, HKSAA.

Furfly ( - Creating Custom Internet Solutions for the Real World

IVC - Custom development and hosting of OpenACS applications. Our projects have included systems for HR, healthcare, transportation, Ecommerce, construction management and telecommunications.

Knowledge Markets Consulting Ges.m.b.H. - Based in Vienna, Austria, Knowledge Markets Consulting Ges.m.b.H. ( is an IT service and research institution specialized in learning and knowledge management. The spin-off and partner of the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien) provides its tools and services on top of OpenACS and dotLRN. Founded in November 2003 the company has developed to a full service provider covering all aspects of the educational value chain (curricula design, content development & exchange, learning delivery, assessment & evaluation). Knowledge Markets’ research-driven solutions serve internationals, NPOs and SMEs such as Daimler Chrysler, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, University of Innsbruck, University of Mannheim, Gesellschaft für Personalentwicklung, Bildungsserver Burgenland, Cen/ISSS, L3S Research Lab, Donau University Krems. Knowledge Markets’ way of conducting business is based on an open business philosophy consisting of the three building blocks: open source, open research, and open communication.

Nick Carroll ( - Internet consultant specialising in customised OpenACS solutions.

Oasi Software - An italian company specialized in developing applications based on OpenACS. Our main product is Alter, an ERP for the italian market.

Project/Open - Provides a range of specialized Project-ERP solutions for the consulting, advertizing, engineering and translation sectors. Services include configuration, installation, hosting, training and custom application development.

Solution Grove ( - Creating sophisticated OpenACS web applications for Corporations, Nonprofit Organizations and Educational Institutions.

Tekné Digital ( version) - Located in Brasilia (Brazil), Tekné Digital acts as strategic partner for learning organizations providing and customizing OpenACS web applications to help people share information, create knowledge and tranfer that knowledge across organizational barriers. Our services also include instalation, design, configuration and training for OpenACS solutions. Tekné Digital customers are organization from public sector, educational institutions, nonprofits and corporations.

Vestasoft - The first italian company running its business on OpenACS. We offer packaged and ad hoc solutions, site development, hosting and consulting services

Viaro Networks - Viaro is an specialized consulting company in development of .LRN and OpenACS.

Xarg Ltd - A UK based consultancy specialising in bespoke OpenACS sites. Xarg have experience working with both large and small corporate, public sector, voluntary/NGOs, and non-profit organisations. They provide consultation services from custom application development through to configuration, installation, and training, and are able to provide hosting and design services with their partners.

OpenACS Sites

the Design Experience ( version) - online community programming, visual design, technology in education

Treffpunkt ( version) - Treffpunkt is a service provider with a full collection of tools for birth to grave project management and collaboration for geographically diverse teams of developers working with Open Source Software in a professional setting.

U.C.A. - Universidade Corporativa da ABIPTI (archive.web version) - needs translation....sorry A U.C.A. promove a educação tecnológica em seu conceito amplo e atua na formação e na educação continuada de seus associados, parceiros e clientes com ênfase na gestão da inovação tecnológica. Objetivo Geral A missão da Universidade, criada em 2005, é contribuir para a modernização contínua dos processos de aprendizagem das entidades que constituem as partes interessadas da ABIPTI (associados, parceiros, fornecedores, órgãos e agências do sistema de CT&I, nos âmbitos político-normativo, estratégico e operacional). A U.C.A. também buscará atender as demandas da sociedade de forma mais ampla, complementando eventuais lacunas do sistema formal de ensino que possam ser supridas pelas instituições associadas em aspectos aplicados da formação, particularmente no tocante à educação, ao ensino e à pesquisa, bem como ao desenvolvimento tecnológico e à inovação. Objetivos Específico A U.C.A. pretende oferecer aos seus associados e clientes, por meio da utilização de ferramentas de aprendizagem organizacional e gestão do conhecimento: A formação de grupos de alto desempenho em gestão tecnológica nos Estados, estruturando os sistemas locais de inovação; A formação de Agentes de Inovação e Difusão Tecnológica de nível superior das instituições dos sistemas estaduais de CT&I; A capacitação de profissionais dos sistemas locais de CT&I a promoverem atividades cooperativas, proporcionado maior conectividade inter-institucional.

UCLA Health Sciences and Medical School ( version) - Health Sciences at UCLA uses OpenACS to cover diverse institutional needs. A single research lab has created and supports a custom OpenACS based content management system, as well as multiple custom web applications used across each of the Health Sciences' federated sites (allowing them to share data, while retaining distinctive brands). Read more about some of their work in the UCLA Health Sciences case study on

UK Enneagram Association ( version) - A community site for enneagram enthusiasts in the UK. Containing a full calendar of events and details of UK teachers.

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ZillNet ( - offers dedicated, managed hosting and inexpensive shared hosting of OpenACS 3.2.5, 4.x and dotLRN based sites. Shared OpenACS hosting from $20 / month and dotLRN hosting from $40 / month.

Hub.Org Hosting Solutions S.A. - Hub.Org Hosts OpenACS on Virtual Private Servers with hosting plans to fit most any project's budget. Virtual servers use FreeBSD's jail virtualization or a VirtualBox Linux distribution of your choice. - Based in Sydney, Australia, (in conjunction with TSM32) provides customized OpenACS hosting to it's clients. Hosted in the Fujitsu Sydney datacenter, the server offers full connectivity and power redundancy as well as 24 hour network and server support. Using top of the line Compaq/HP servers with online spares, it would be hard to get any more reliable! Contact for more information on individual hosting.

.: ODSOL Premium Web Hosting :. - Offers virtual dedicated server and shared hosting service. Free OpenACS installation upon request.

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