The web site was a community effort. The feedback from the community was invaluable in building a site that shows the power of OpenACS.

The migration to a new site would not have been possible without contributions from:

Dave Bauer Tom Sawyer effect (code, bug fixes, graphic design, motivation super-hero).
Polyxena Forums migration, design implementation, graphics, content management, code.
Roberto Mello Systems administration and CVS guru, fixing forums display page, updating of static pages.
Tilmann Singer Source for forums migration scripts and valuable suggestions.
Musea Technologies Source for forums migration scripts, site-map, design concepts.
Infiniteinfo Design concepts and graphics.
Carl Robert Blesius Design concepts and graphics.
Torben Brosten HTML and CSS improvements
Jeff Davis CVS assistance, bug fixes.
Gustaf Neumann xowiki, bug fixes, security improvements, HTML cleanup, responsive design, upgrades.
Monika Andergassen Bootstrap theme, responsive design