tcl/apm-callback-procs.tcl       Calendar Package APM callbacks library Procedures that deal with installing, instantiating, mounting. 
tcl/cal-item-procs.tcl       Utility functions for Calendar Applications 
tcl/calendar-callback-hooks-procs.tcl       Callback hooks for the calendar package 
tcl/calendar-callback-procs.tcl       Callbacks for the calendar package. 
tcl/calendar-compatibility-procs.tcl       These procs are there to ensure backwards compatibility for possible API breakages. 
tcl/calendar-install-procs.tcl       Calendar install callbacks 
tcl/calendar-outlook-procs.tcl       Utility functions for syncing Calendar with Outlook taken from SloanSpace v1, hacked for OpenACS by Ben. 
tcl/calendar-procs.tcl       Utility functions for Calendar Applications 
tcl/calendar-sc-procs.tcl       Calendar service contract bindings 

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