tcl/action-procs.tcl       Procedures in the workflow::action namespace. 
tcl/case-procs.tcl       Procedures in the case namespace. 
tcl/deputy-procs.tcl       Procedures in the workflow::deputy namespace. 
tcl/graph-procs.tcl       Procedures in the workflow::graph namespace. 
tcl/implementation-procs.tcl       Implementations of various service contracts. 
tcl/install-procs.tcl       Procedures for initializing service contracts etc. 
tcl/role-procs.tcl       Procedures in the workflow::role namespace. 
tcl/state-procs.tcl       Procedures in the workflow::fsm::state namespace and in its child namespaces. 
tcl/workflow-callback-procs.tcl       ad_proc -callback procs for workflow 
tcl/workflow-procs.tcl       Procedures in the workflow namespace. 
tcl/workflow-tree-procs.tcl       Procs for building trees of data. 

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