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 _ key [ substitution_list ]

Defined in packages/acs-lang/tcl/lang-message-procs.tcl

Short hand proc that invokes the lang::message::lookup proc. Returns a localized text from the message catalog with the locale ad_conn locale if invoked within a request, or the system locale otherwise.


    set the_url [export_vars -base "[ad_conn package_url]view" { item_id }]
    set body [_ my-package.lt_To_view_this_item [list item_url $the_url]]
If the message value is "To view this item, please click here: %item_url%", then the URL will be insert into the message.

key - Unique identifier for this message. Will be the same identifier for each locale. The key is on the format package_key.message_key
substitution_list (optional) - A list of values to substitute into the message on the form { name value name value ... }. This argument should only be given for certain messages that contain place holders (on the syntax %1:pretty_name%, %2:another_pretty_name% etc) for embedding variable values. If the message contains variables that should be interpolated and this argument is not provided then upvar will be used to fetch the variable values.
A localized message
Jeff Davis <davis@xarg.net>
Peter Marklund <peter@collaboraid.biz>
Christian Hvid <chvid@collaboraid.biz>

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    return [lang::message::lookup "" $key "TRANSLATION MISSING" $substitution_list 2]
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