aa_register_case (public)

 aa_register_case [ -libraries libraries ] [ -cats cats ] \
    [ -error_level error_level ] [ -bugs bugs ] [ -procs procs ] \
    [ -urls urls ] [ -init_classes init_classes ] \
    [ -on_error on_error ] testcase_id testcase_desc [ args... ]

Defined in packages/acs-automated-testing/tcl/aa-test-procs.tcl

Registers a testcase with the acs-automated-testing system. Whenever possible, cases that fail to register are replaced with 'metatest' log cases, so that the register-time errors are visible at test time. See the tutorial for examples.

A list of keywords of additional code modules to load. The entire test case will fail if any package is missing. Currently includes tclwebtest.
Properties of the test case. Must be zero or more of the following:
  • db: Tests the database directly
  • api: tests the Tcl API
  • web: tests HTTP interface
  • smoke: Minimal test to assure functionality and catch basic errors.
  • stress: Puts heavy load on server or creates large numbers of records. Intended to simulate maximal production load.
  • security_risk: May introduce a security risk.
  • populator: Creates sample data for future use.
  • production_safe: Can be used on a live production site, i.e. for sanity checking or keepalive purposes. Implies: no risk of adding or deleting data; no risk of crashing; minimal cpu/db/net load.
(defaults to "error") (optional)
Force all test failures to this error level. One of
  • notice: Informative. Does not indicate an error.
  • warning: May indicate an problem. Example: a non-critical bug repro case that hasn't been fixed.
  • error: normal error
  • metatest: Indicates a problem with the test framework, execution, or reporting. Suggests that current test results may be invalid. Use this for test cases that test the tests. Also used, automatically, for errors sourcing test cases.
A list of integers corresponding to openacs.org bug numbers which relate to this test case.
A list of OpenACS procs which are tested by this case.
A list of URLs (relative to package) tested in web test case
Peter Harper
24 July 2001

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%3 test_aa__coverage_proc_coverage aa__coverage_proc_coverage (test acs-automated-testing) aa_register_case aa_register_case test_aa__coverage_proc_coverage->aa_register_case test_aa__coverage_proc_coverage_level aa__coverage_proc_coverage_level (test acs-automated-testing) test_aa__coverage_proc_coverage_level->aa_register_case test_aa__coverage_proc_proc_list_covered aa__coverage_proc_proc_list_covered (test acs-automated-testing) test_aa__coverage_proc_proc_list_covered->aa_register_case test_webtest_example webtest_example (test acs-automated-testing) test_webtest_example->aa_register_case aa_log aa_log (public) aa_register_case->aa_log aa_log_result aa_log_result (public) aa_register_case->aa_log_result api_add_to_proc_doc api_add_to_proc_doc (public) aa_register_case->api_add_to_proc_doc packages/acs-core-docs/www/files/tutorial/myfirstpackage-procs.tcl packages/acs-core-docs/ www/files/tutorial/myfirstpackage-procs.tcl packages/acs-core-docs/www/files/tutorial/myfirstpackage-procs.tcl->aa_register_case

webtest_example, aa__coverage_proc_coverage, aa__coverage_proc_proc_list_covered, aa__coverage_proc_coverage_level
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