acs_sc::invoke (public)

 acs_sc::invoke [ -contract contract ] -operation operation \
    [ -impl impl ] [ -impl_id impl_id ] [ -call_args call_args ] \
    [ -error ]

Defined in packages/acs-service-contract/tcl/acs-service-contract-procs.tcl

A replacement of the former acs_sc_call procedure. One must supply either contract and impl, or just impl_id. If you supply impl_id and contract, we throw an error if the impl_id's contract doesn't match the contract you passed in. If you supply both impl_id and impl, we throw an error. Additional documentation and commentary at

-contract (optional)
The name of the contract you wish to use.
-operation (required)
The name of the operation in the contract you wish to call.
-impl (optional)
The name of the implementation you wish to use.
-impl_id (optional)
The ID of the implementation you wish to use.
-call_args (optional)
The arguments you want to pass to the proc.
-error (boolean) (optional)
If specified, will throw an error if the operation isn't implemented.
Lars Pind <>

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Partial Call Graph (max 5 caller/called nodes):
%3 test_sync_file_get_document sync_file_get_document (test acs-authentication) acs_sc::invoke acs_sc::invoke test_sync_file_get_document->acs_sc::invoke test_sync_http_get_document sync_http_get_document (test acs-authentication) test_sync_http_get_document->acs_sc::invoke acs_sc::impl::get acs_sc::impl::get (public) acs_sc::invoke->acs_sc::impl::get acs_sc_generate_name acs_sc_generate_name (private) acs_sc::invoke->acs_sc_generate_name ad_apply ad_apply (public) acs_sc::invoke->ad_apply acs_sc_call acs_sc_call (private, deprecated) acs_sc_call->acs_sc::invoke acs_user_extension::dispatch acs_user_extension::dispatch (private) acs_user_extension::dispatch->acs_sc::invoke auth::authentication::authenticate auth::authentication::authenticate (public) auth::authentication::authenticate->acs_sc::invoke auth::driver::GetParameters auth::driver::GetParameters (public, deprecated) auth::driver::GetParameters->acs_sc::invoke auth::driver::get_parameters auth::driver::get_parameters (public) auth::driver::get_parameters->acs_sc::invoke

sync_http_get_document, sync_file_get_document
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