ad_page_contract_filter_rule (public)

 ad_page_contract_filter_rule name proc_args doc_string body

Defined in packages/acs-tcl/tcl/tcl-documentation-procs.tcl

A filter rule determines what filters are applied to a given value. The code is passed the name of the formal argument and the list of filters currently being applied, and should on that basis modify the list of filters to suit its needs. Usually, a filter rule will add a certain filter, unless some list of filters are already present.

Unlike the filters themselves (registered with ad_page_contract_filter), all rules are always applied to all formal arguments of all pages.

name - filter rules must be named. The name isn't referred to anywhere.
proc_args - the filter rule proc must take two arguments, name and filters, although you can name them as you like. The first will be set to the name of the formal argument, the second will be upvar'd to the list of filters, so that any modifications you make to this list are reflected in the actual list of filters being applied.
doc_string - let other programmers know what your filter rule does.
body - the code to manipulate the filter list.
Lars Pind <>
25 July 2000

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