ad_tmpnam (public)

 ad_tmpnam [ template ]

Defined in packages/acs-tcl/tcl/utilities-procs.tcl

A stub function to replace the deprecated "ns_tmpnam", which uses the deprecated C-library function "tmpnam()". However, also ns_mktemp is not recommended any more due to a potential race between the name creation and the file open command.

template (optional)

Partial Call Graph (max 5 caller/called nodes):
%3 test_util_http_json_encoding util_http_json_encoding (test acs-tcl) ad_tmpnam ad_tmpnam test_util_http_json_encoding->ad_tmpnam apm_build_repository apm_build_repository (private) apm_build_repository->ad_tmpnam apm_extract_tarball apm_extract_tarball (public) apm_extract_tarball->ad_tmpnam apm_generate_tarball apm_generate_tarball (public) apm_generate_tarball->ad_tmpnam apm_load_apm_file apm_load_apm_file (public) apm_load_apm_file->ad_tmpnam fs::publish_folder_to_file_system fs::publish_folder_to_file_system (public) fs::publish_folder_to_file_system->ad_tmpnam

Source code:
    if {$template eq ""} {
        set template [ns_config ns/parameters tmpdir]/oacs-XXXXXX
    ns_mktemp $template
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PostgreSQL, Oracle
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