apm_get_package_files (public)

 apm_get_package_files [ -include_data_model_files ] [ -all ] \
    [ -all_db_types ] -package_key package_key \
    [ -package_path package_path ] [ -file_types file_types ]

Defined in packages/acs-bootstrap-installer/tcl/30-apm-load-procs.tcl

Returns all files, or files of a certain types, belonging to an APM package. Ignores files based on proc apm_include_file_p and determines file type of files with proc apm_guess_file_type. Only returns file with no db type or a db type matching that of the system, unless '-all' is specified.

Goes directly to the filesystem to find files instead of using a file listing in the package info file or the database.

(boolean) (optional)
(boolean) (optional)
When specified, return all files in the package, regardless of their file or database type.
(boolean) (optional)
The key of the package to return file paths for
The full path of the root directory of the package. Defaults to acs_package_root_dir.
The type of files to return. If not provided files of all types recognized by the APM are returned.
The paths, relative to the root dir of the package, of matching files.
Peter Marklund
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get_package_files, apm_tarballs, files__tcl_file_syntax_errors, files__check_upgrade_ordering, files__check_xql_files, files__trailing_whitespace, files__page_contracts
Source code:
    if { $package_path eq "" } {
        set package_path [acs_package_root_dir $package_key]

    if {$all_p} {
        set file_function ""
    } else {
        set file_function [expr {$include_data_model_files_p
                                 ? "apm_include_data_model_file_p"
                                 : "apm_include_file_p"}]
    set files [lsort [ad_find_all_files -check_file_func $file_function $package_path]]
    # We don't assume db_type proc is defined yet
    set system_db_type [nsv_get ad_database_type .]

    set matching_files [list]
    foreach file $files {
        set rel_path [string range $file [string length $package_path]+1 end]
        set file_type [apm_guess_file_type $package_key $rel_path]
        set file_db_type [apm_guess_db_type $package_key $rel_path]

        set type_match_p [expr {$file_types eq "" || $file_type in $file_types}]

        if { $all_p || $all_db_types_p } {
            set db_match_p 1
        } else {
            set db_match_p [expr {$file_db_type eq "" || $file_db_type eq $system_db_type}]

        if { $type_match_p && $db_match_p } {
            lappend matching_files $rel_path

    return $matching_files
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Generic, PostgreSQL, Oracle
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