dt_widget_list (public, deprecated)

 dt_widget_list -calendar_details calendar_details \
    [ -item_template item_template ] [ -start_date start_date ] \
    [ -end_date end_date ] [ -order_by order_by ] \
    [ -url_template url_template ]

Defined in packages/acs-datetime/tcl/acs-calendar-2-procs.tcl

Deprecated. Invoking this procedure generates a warning.

create a listing widget for lists (ben) I would like to ask forgiveness from the coding gods for this proc. Right now this is a big hack to make the schedule look a lot like the SloanSpace v1.0 display. Once we have thought this through a bit more, I will generalize this proc. I promise. Please forgive me. DEPRECATED: time is up Ben. This proc uses hardcoded markup and is therefore difficult to style. It is also not fully localized. Future reimplementations should leverage the templating system more.

-calendar_details (required)
-item_template (defaults to "$item") (optional)
-start_date (optional)
-end_date (optional)
-order_by (optional)
-url_template (defaults to "?order_by=$order_by") (optional)

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