util::http::basic_auth (public)

 util::http::basic_auth [ -headers headers ] -username username \
    -password password

Defined in packages/acs-tcl/tcl/http-client-procs.tcl

Builds BASIC authentication header for an HTTP request

ns_set of request headers that will be populated with auth header. If not specified, a new ns_set will be created. Existing header for BASIC authentication will be overwtitten.
Username for authentication
Password for authentication
ns_set of headers containing authentication data

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Source code:
    if {$headers eq ""} {
        set headers [ns_set create headers]
    set h "Basic [ns_base64encode ${username}:$password]"
    ns_set idelkey $headers "Authorization"
    ns_set put     $headers "Authorization" $h
    return $headers
XQL Not present:
Generic, PostgreSQL, Oracle
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