subsite::get_element (public)

 subsite::get_element [ -subsite_id subsite_id ] -element element \
    [ -notrailing ]

Defined in packages/acs-subsite/tcl/subsite-procs.tcl

Return a single element from the information about a subsite.

-subsite_id (optional)
The node id of the subsite for which info is requested. If no id is provided, then the id of the closest ancestor subsite will be used.
-element (required)
The element you want, one of: directory_p object_type package_key package_id name pattern_p instance_name node_id parent_id url object_id
-notrailing (boolean) (optional)
If true and the element requested is a URL, then strip any trailing slash ('/'). This means the empty string is returned for the root.
The element you asked for
Frank Nikolajsen <>

Partial Call Graph (max 5 caller/called nodes):
%3 Class ::xo::lti::LTI Class ::xo::lti::LTI (public) subsite::get_element subsite::get_element Class ::xo::lti::LTI->subsite::get_element acs_community_member_page acs_community_member_page (public) acs_community_member_page->subsite::get_element ad_admin_home ad_admin_home (public) ad_admin_home->subsite::get_element ad_pvt_home ad_pvt_home (public) ad_pvt_home->subsite::get_element ad_site_home_link ad_site_home_link (public) ad_site_home_link->subsite::get_element

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