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Includelet for a graph displaying wiki references.

This file defines the following Objects and Classes: ::xowiki::includelet::references-graph[i]

Gustaf Neumann

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Class ::xowiki::includelet::references-graph (public)

 ::xowiki::IncludeletClass ::xowiki::includelet::references-graph[i] \
    [ -page page ] [ -folder folder ] [ -rankdir rankdir ] \
    [ -fontsize fontsize ]

Include a graph of the (partial) link structure in a wiki, starting either with a page or a folder. When a page is provided, the local link structure of this page is visualized (including incoming and outgoing links of the page; e.g. -page "." for the current page). Alternatively, the content of a folder can be shown.

starting page for a partial link graph, provided as item ref
starting page for showing all children of a folder (default .)
possible values LR, TB, BT, or RL
fontsize for graphviz (default 12)

Partial Call Graph (max 5 caller/called nodes):
%3 _ _ (public) nsf::object::alloc nsf::object::alloc nsf::relation::set nsf::relation::set nx::slotObj nx::slotObj util::inline_svg_from_dot util::inline_svg_from_dot (public) Class ::xowiki::includelet::references-graph Class ::xowiki::includelet::references-graph Class ::xowiki::includelet::references-graph->_ Class ::xowiki::includelet::references-graph->nsf::object::alloc Class ::xowiki::includelet::references-graph->nsf::relation::set Class ::xowiki::includelet::references-graph->nx::slotObj Class ::xowiki::includelet::references-graph->util::inline_svg_from_dot

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