Object Model

Content Repository

The content repository is an extension of the ACS Object Model. The following diagram illustrates the relationship among the standard object types defined by the content repository (click on a box to view a description and API summary for a particular object type):

Note that content revisions and content items inherit separately from the root of the object model. Each item may be related to one or more revisions, but they are fundamentally different types of objects.

Also important to note is the relationship between custom content types and the rest of the object model. You define new content types as subtypes of Content Revision, not of Content Item. This is because new content types are characterized by their attributes, which are stored at the revision level to make changes easy to audit. Custom content types typically do not require additional unaudited attributes or methods beyond those already provided by the Content Item type. It is thereful almost never necessary to create a custom subtype of Content Item itself.

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