Uninstalling the Content Repository

Content Repository

The content repository includes an uninstall script, sql/content-drop.sql. This script does two things:

  1. Drops the attribute storage tables for all content types you have defined.
  2. Drops the general tables for the content repository.

The uninstall script does not do the following:

  1. It does not delete rows from the acs_objects table. Many other tables reference the object_id column in this table, so there is the possibility that the uninstall script will encounter foreign key reference errors.
  2. It does not delete types from the acs_object_types table. As for objects themselves, it is impossible for an automatic script to properly handle disposal of all foreign key references.

Because of what the uninstall script does not do, it is only appropriate for removing the content repository in preparation for removing the entire ACS Objects data model. If you wish to upgrade an existing installation and cannot afford to lose your data, you must run an upgrade script rather than uninstalling the entire data model.

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