Question Catalogue: Summary:

The question catalogue is a central part of the assessment system. It deals with the storing of the various questions that can be used in a survey. You are able to add/edit/delete a question of a certain type to a certain scope. Furthermore it allows you to search and browse for questions for inclusion in your assessment as well as import and export multiple questions using various formats. This concept is new to survey 0.1d and changes the design of the survey module considerably. No mockups available.

All questions have some common ground.

For each of the various question types, there will be a separate input form instead of the currently used method. A user selects a question type to add and is then redirected to the question type add form. Only site wide admins will get to see the following question types: Concerning permissions here is the current thinking: There needs to be an option to search the question catalogue: Operations on questions: For the future we'd like to see a more sophisticated way to include images in questions. Currently this can be done using HTML linking, but a media database would be considerably more helpful and could be reused for the CMS as well.

Calculation and Database Questions

I'm not clear from your description what these are. If by Calculation questions you mean questions that produce some calculated result from the user's raw response, then IMHO this is an important type of question to support now and not defer. This is the main type of question we use in quality-of-life measures (see demo here ). These are questions scored by the Likert scale algorithm. If there are five potential responses (1,2,3,4, and 5) for a question, and the user choose "1" then the "score" is calculated as 0; if "5" then 100; if "3" then 50, and so on -- a mapping from raw responses to a 0-100 scale. Is this what you mean by a "calculation" question?

By Database questions, do you mean free text input (via textboxes or textareas) questions for which there is a "correct" answer that needs to be stored during question creation? Then when the teacher is reviewing the student's response, she can inspect the student's response against the stored answer and determine what degree of correctness to assign the response?

-- Stan Kaufman on November 09, 2003 06:29 PM (view details)